Lake Tahoe With No Reservations

Lake Tahoe seemed like a good way to wrap up our wanderings for this trip, and it is beautiful. But what a busy place! We rolled into town late in the evening on a Friday, with no reservations… And got very lucky finding a campsite just before complete darkness.

Actually, we haven’t had a single reservation this whole trip (to maximize our daily choices and avoid being locked into any plans that don’t pan out), and we’ve been really lucky the entire time. I’m sure we have experienced some of these awesome places in ways that we wouldn’t have if we were on a set itinerary and trying to get somewhere by a specific time. On the flipside, it can increase stress levels (or add excitement, depending on how you look at it) as the sun starts to set… I also don’t think the no-reservations plan would work out if it took more than three minutes to set up camp (thank you FlipPac!). But for this trip, it has been perfect.

As for Tahoe, the appeal wore off after just a few hours (good thing we didn’t have reservations there for tonight!), and we are making our way back through Mammoth Lakes, and hopefully a little further toward home before the sun sets.

Here are a few photos from today’s adventures: the steepest grade we’ve ever officially seen, the ghost town of Bodie, and Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe.





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