Casa de Fruta

Funny how a quick gas stop turned into a couple hours. Casa de Fruta has an RV park, gas station, restaurant, fruit stand, zoo, rides, and probably more. It’s located between highway 5 and Gilroy CA and is just north of Hollister.

After lunch we found the train. This was actually really neat and quite relaxing. A real diesel engine pulled the train past antique farm equipment, an albino deer, zoo, and through the haunted tunnel.

Of course we had to ride the carousel too. Kiana had a great time.

All of this followed by the kids panning for jewels. Of course we are now rich with jewels!

We left Casa de Fruta with camp planned for Hollister. Thousand Trails campground did the trick. Not the best cared for campground, but the pool was cool and mini golf was free.







Casa de Fruta

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